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Your bathroom and kitchen are two of the most used and well-trodden areas in your home. They are also two of the areas that visitors most often frequent when visiting, and that potential buyers pay particularly close attention to. Therefore, it’s important to keep these areas fresh, updated and in tip-top shape. Here are a few simple and affordable ways for you to update and refresh your kitchen and bathroom areas:

Add a backsplash

The area around sinks and faucets is especially prone to wear and water damage. If you don’t have one already, try incorporating a backsplash into your bathroom or kitchen. There are many affordable and attractive stick-on options available at hardware stores, so be creative and have fun.

Update your faucets

Taps and faucets are one of the first areas to reveal the age of your bathroom and kitchen. Soap build-up, residue and stains can be difficult to remove, and the style of faucets changes over time. Replacing your faucets is an easy way to give your bathroom or kitchen a quick update and fresh look.

Paint your cupboards and cabinetry

A fresh coat of paint can help enliven and refresh old cabinets and cupboards. So rather than replacing the cupboards in your kitchen or bathroom (which can be very costly) try giving them a fresh coat of paint. For a dramatic effect try a bright, bold colour or if subtlety is more your style you can’t go wrong with a calming off-white palate.

Expand your storage space

Bathrooms and kitchens are particularly prone to clutter and messiness. To help prevent this, and update the look of your home, try expanding the storage space in these areas to help keep you and your home organized. This can be accomplished by simply adding shelves or a cabinet to your bathroom or kitchen. Keep an eye out at garage sales and antique stores to try to find unique pieces that will enhance your home.

Update your accessories

Sometimes simply updating accessories and decorations in your kitchen and bathroom may be all your need to gives these rooms a fresh look. Spruce up your bathroom with fresh towels, and a new shower curtain and bath mats. Try to pick a colour or theme to give your kitchen or bathroom a coordinated and unified appearance.

Add some greenery

Plants can add life and vivacity to any room, even your bathroom and kitchen. An indoor herb garden will not only benefit your culinary skills, but will also enhance the appearance of your kitchen. The addition of plants to your bathroom can help give this area of your home a relaxing and spa like atmosphere.

Updating and renovating your home should be a fun and enjoyable process that enhances your happiness and quality of life. I hope these tips help your kitchen and bathrooms impress your family and visitors, and allow your home to reach its full potential.

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